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Purchase Products Handmade from CMGP Convent

The Convent will accept phone calls daily only from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, except for Sundays and Tuesdays.

The Convent is open to receiving female candidates. To reach the convent please call at 519-353-3003 or email via the Contact us page.

يعتذر الدير عن استقبال أى زيارات يوم الثلاثاء من كل اسبوع

الدير يستقبل المكالمات التليفونيه يوميا فقط من الساعه  12:00 الظهر الي 3:00 بعد الظهر، ما عدا يومي الثلاثاء و الاحد

الدير يستقبل بنات للالتحاق بالرهبنه و يمكنهم الاتصال بالدير من  Contact us التليفون 5193533003 او ايميل الديرعلي 

بمناسبة اسبوع الالام 
 الدير خلوة
أستقبال الزوار بعد عيد القيامة .الحجز سواء  للافراد او العائلات او الرحلات من خلال موقع الدير

The convent now accepts orders of handmade products online through the website, please feel free to contact us with the specific work you want. See below to have an idea of our work!

 الدير يستقبل طلبيات من مشفولات الدير تطريز كساوي قديسين تابلوهات تطريز -تونية-كما هو مبين في الصور


Our faith is based on the teachings of the Bible and the heritage of the patron fathers. We believe in the Nicaean creed and practice the sacraments of the Coptic Orthodox Church. In submission and love to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ we pray to lead others to HIM.

      This magnificent place is home for nuns, consecrated sisters, novices and sister under training. We welcome our guests including families for congregational worship and females for spiritual retreats. Part of our spiritual journey is achieved by personal devotion as well as liturgical and ecclesiastical worship. We also labor to be productive by manual work in sewing, embroidery, painting icons etc.. In the convent you will enjoy and learn to live in-part the monastic life of worship, service and obedience and self-denial.


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